Silverton Hotel and Camels

Tour 1: Silverton

9.00am to 12.45 pm & 1.30pm to 5.00pm - Departures (Monday - Sunday).

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Silverton is situated about 30kms from Broken Hill, where this once was a busy mining town, today it is a ghost town, but its brought to life by the filming of movies such as Mad Max 2, Razorback, Town Like Alice, Dirty Deeds and many commercials that have been filmed in the area. We visit the Mundi Mundi Plains, Umberumberka Reservoir, and the Old Silverton Goal. This museum has one of the best collections of yesteryear you will seen anywhere in Australia (Entry fees apply)

We have a look at the Old Silverton School where Mary Jane Gilmore used to teach, she is The lady on our $10.00 note. (Entry fees apply) Visit the Galleries of Justin Crowley - Inspect the New Gallery/Coffee Lounge on the hill. Call in to the Coin Cavery, have a bite to eat or a coldie at the Silverton Hotel. You will see photos of the actors of all the films, and the names of the hotel when it was used in different films. We also visit The Mad Max Museum (Entry fees apply), Silverton Souvenirs, beyond 39 dip, Horizon Gallery of Albert Woodroffe.

Then we head home to Broken Hill.

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Other Tours Available

$60.00 per person (Minimum of 2 passengers)

Entry fees apply at the Silverton Gaol, Old Silverton School and thr Mad Max Museum.

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