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"Quality 4 star accommodation in the Silver City of Broken Hill, New South Wales."

"Four self contained cottages, pet friendly, so you can enjoy historic outback pubs, mines and mix with local artists in this iconic Australian country town"

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"The city of Broken Hill has developed as a vibrant Mecca for Artists and Filmmakers, a long way from its roots as the site of its richest deposit of Silver Lead and Zinc the world has ever seen."

"Today Broken Hill is still a working town, mining is still a major economic driver and in conjunction with the environment, agriculture, art and tourism, the city is buzzing!"

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Broken Hill Accommodation

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Tourist Attractions

A major tourist attraction in Broken Hill is the Silver City Mint and Art Centre which houses the world's largest acrylic painting on canvas, "The Big Picture", measuring 12m x 100m. Also silver jewellery is produced with smelting, casting and manufacturing on site plus Broken Hill's finest chocolates are for sale at our chocolate factory.

Silverton, NSW

"Discover Silverton, a living, breathing part of Australia's history."

"Even people who have never been there will recognise it, as Silverton has starred in countless films, television shows and commercials in all mediums." Visit Discover Silverton

Visit John Dynon's Gallery sitting in the heart of Silverton, John Dynon is one of Australia's top selling artists. Born in Broken Hill in 1954. In 1985 he became a full time artist to meet the demand that had grown for his paintings. A canvas touched by John depicts the length and breadth of the Australian Outback, and the region's ever-changing character - from the natural to the man-made, from the romance of the environment to bright abundant wildflowers in spring.

White Cliffs, NSW

"Welcome to White Cliffs, the opal town in the North West of New South Wales, Australia! This is an extraordinary place, with not just a Underground Motel but most of the town living in underground dwellings called 'dugouts'."

"White Cliffs is home to several artists of international repute, such as photographer Otto Rogge's and opal jewellery mined, maded and marketed by Ron and Donna- Lee at Top Level Opals. "